How the playgroup is run
The playgroup sessions are run by our staff but the playgroup as a whole is managed by an elected parent/carer committee. The committee’s areas of responsibility include policy decisions, fund raising, general administration, finances, admissions, staffing, and garden and building maintenance.

All parents/carers are welcome to attend committee meetings and are entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting, at which committee posts are elected. Committee meeting dates are advertised on the playgroup notice board and in the newsletter. We are always pleased to welcome new parents to the committee and we value their support. All ideas and suggestions relating to any aspect of playgroup will be given serious consideration.

Any questions, queries, complaints or grievances will be dealt with by a member of staff initially and, if necessary, by a member of the committee.

Our curriculum
We follow the Early Years Foundation Framework (EYFS). EYFS sets the standard for learning, development and care for children from birth to five. We are committed to supporting the Every Child Matters agenda.

We offer a rich inclusive curriculum to support our children’s first steps in learning. We aim to share our work with parents through regular newsletters and information sheets which set out our planned activities and themes. Our objective is to provide education through play and by nurturing a child’s wonder in the world around them and the amazing things they can do.

Caring for your child
We aim to take the best possible care of your child while at our group. All members of our staff team and committee are screened through the Criminal Records Bureau and Ofsted as appropriate. We ensure all practitioners receive training in Paediatric First Aid, Child Protection, Behaviour Management, basic Food Hygiene and Health and Safety.

We also carefully check the setting every day before your child comes in to ensure that everything is working properly and that the building and garden are in good order. We have designated practitioners to safeguard our children as child protection personnel.

Each child has a member of staff responsible for overseeing their development and welfare called a key person.

We aim to foster a learning community in our setting and understand the importance of a good home-playgroup partnership. We welcome parents into our setting.

Playgroup staff are aware that the amount of time needed to settle in will vary from child to child. All children will be given the reassurance and comfort they need to feel secure and happy. However, if you have any concerns, the staff are always happy to discuss these, advise and offer assistance.

It may be possible for parents to make individual arrangements for 2 year-olds to do just a 2 hour session if, in consultation with playgroup staff, this is deemed to be in the best interest of the child.

Linton Granta Playgroup is governed by an extensive set of policies to ensure the safety and welfare of our children. The policies are available to view here or in the setting. A printed copy of the policies can also be ordered for a small fee from the playgroup leader.

School Liaison
Most of the children will leave to attend Linton CE (Aided) Infant School and the playgroup has forged good links with the school and its staff. Those children due to enter reception class in September will have school visits arranged to take place during the Summer Term. Please note that attendance at Linton Granta Playgroup cannot guarantee a place at Linton Infant School.


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