Here are some quotes from our parents following various playgroup events:

Special Person’s Tea Party for Mothering Sunday:

“What a lovely tea party! Excellent healthy food and splendid company and service. Everyone – special people and children, seemed to have a wonderful time. How hard the playgroup ladies have worked.”

Stay and Play Session:

“It was nice to see how pre-school was run and the variety of play on offer for the children. It was very nice to see how my son has settled in at pre-school and the good rapport he has with staff.”

Walk to the Post Box (Christmas 2015):

“I thoroughly enjoyed the walk this morning, for me the highlights were talking to and sharing exciting feedback from the children regarding their thoughts regarding colours, the park and the river and singing Christmas songs.”

“I really enjoyed the walk to the postbox with the children, other parents and members of staff. Children were all really enthusiastic and listened and concentrated on everything around them and I also loved joining in with the Christmas songs.”

Christmas Play and Party 2015:

“Really well organised – we can’t get 2 boys to stay still, let alone 20 odd children! Thank you for keeping us all involved too with the games”

“I am a Nanna and I always feel welcome by all the staff. The children had a great time.”

“Everyone had lots of fun! It was very emotional seeing the children sing. Thank you for making it so special.”

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