Term Dates 2018/19

Playgroup 2018/2019 Term Dates

Autumn Term 2018

Autumn Term Starts           6th September 2018

Closed for Half Term          22nd – 26th October 2018

Playgroup Closed                 30th November 2018

Autumn Term Ends             19th December 2018


Spring Term 2019

Spring Term Starts               7th January 2019

Playgroup Closed                 28th January 2019

Closed for Half Term          18th February – 1st March 2019

Spring Term Ends                5th April 2019

(Please note that due to the NEF not covering the same dates as the school term dates, Linton Granta Playgroup has amended its term dates, with a later start in January and 2 weeks instead of 1 week half term)

Summer Term 2019

Summer Term Starts          23rd April 2019

Playgroup Closed               6th May (May Day) 2019

Closed for Half Term         27th – 31st May 2019

Playgroup Closed                28th June 2019

Summer Term Ends            24th July 2019

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