Term Dates 2019/20


Spring Term 2019

Spring Term Starts               7th January 2019

Playgroup Closed                 28th January 2019

Closed for Half Term          18th February – 22nd Februart 2019

Spring Term Ends                5th April 2019


Summer Term 2019

Summer Term Starts          23rd April 2019

Playgroup Closed               6th May (May Day) 2019

Closed for Half Term         27th – 31st May 2019

Playgroup Closed                28th June 2019

Summer Term Ends            12th July 2019


Autumn Term 2019

Autumn Term Starts           9th of September 2019

Closed for Half Term         21st – 25th of October 2019

Playgroup Closed             29th of November 2019

Term Ends                       20th of December 2019


Spring Term 2020

Spring Term Starts          8th of January 202

Half Term Break             17th – 21st of February 2020

Term Ends                      3rd of April 2020


Summer Term

Summer Term Starts      20th of April 2020

Playgroup Closed          8th of May 2020 **May Day is a Friday this year**

Half Term Break            25th – 29th of May 2020

Playgroup Closed         26th of June 2020

Term Ends                    21st of July 2020



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