Use of Images Consent Form
Child Collection Consent Form
Existing Injuries Form
Complaint Form
Planned Absence Form

Achieving Positive Behaviour 2017 
Administering Medicines 2017 
Admissions Policy 2017
Admitting children and visitors
Animals in the setting 
Children’s records 2017

Children’s rights and entitlements 2017 
Curriculum policy 2017
Disciplinary policy 2017 
Early Years Prospectus 2017                                                                               E-Safety Policy 2017
Employment and Staffing 2017
Equipment 2017
Exceptional Circumstances and Critical Incident Plan 2017
Fee Payments 2017
Fire Safety and Emergency Evacuation Plan 2017
Grievance Procedure 2017
Health and Safety
Housekeeping policy 2017 
Induction of Staff Volunteers and Committee 2017 

Information Sharing 2017 
Intrusion/Unwanted Visitor Procedure 2017                 

lock down procedure
Making a complaint 2017 
Managing children with allergies, or who are sick or infectious 2017 
Medical Emergency 2017 
Missing Person (Including Lost Adult) 2017 
Mobile Phone and Camera Policy 2017 
Intimate Care 
Non-collection or Unfit Collection of Children Policy 2017
Outing Within the Grounds of Linton Village College 2017 
Parental Involvement Policy 2017
Provider Records 2017 
Risky Play Policy 2017 
Safeguarding Children and Child Protection  
Social Network and Blog 2017 
Student Placements 2017 
Sun Safe Policy 2017 
Supervision of Children on Outings and Visits Non LVC 2017 

Supervision of Staff 2017
Supporting Children with Special Educational Needs 2017 
Toddlers Mobile Phone Policy 
The Role of the Key Person and Setting in 2017 
Transfer of records to school
Unacceptable Behaviour – Zero Tolerance Policy 2017 
Valuing Diversity and Promoting Equality 2017                                                Whistle Blowing Policy
Working in Partnership with Other Agencies 2017
Writing References 2017