Linton Granta Playgroup and Toddlers relies on the generosity of parents/carers and the local community to help raise funds through its various fundraising events.  But did you know you could help to support the playgroup and raise money by shopping on-line, or simply searching on-line?

Here are 2 ways you can help support your playgroup from home.


Its free to register with the easyfundraising site, and every time you shop on your favourite site a donation will be made to the playgroup.  Its simple, no extra cost to you (in fact you could save money as many retailers offer discounts to easyfundraising registered users), and much needed donations are made to your playgroup!

All you have to do is register with, and then select Linton Granta Playgroup and Toddlers, Cambridge as the organisation that you would like to support (or click here).  Then every time you shop use easyfundraising and help support the playgroup.


All you need to do is search on the internet using the easysearch search engine designated to support Linton Granta Playgroup and you can raise funds for the playgroup.  Every search you do will generate a small donation to the playgroup, with no cost to you.

Simply use  as your main search engine and see the donations you help raise.

Thank you for all your greatly appreciated support.